Last Update : 2016/09/30

How to obtain PHITS

We are not allowed to distribute the PHITS code by ourselves due to the export control law for nuclear related technology. Please obtain PHITS via RIST(for Japanese), RSICC (for USA and Canada), or OECD/NEA databank.
The current version registered in those databank is 2.88.

If you belong to an institute in USA or Canada,
    Please go to PHITS page in RSICC

If you belong to an institute in a NEA Data Bank member country,
    Please go to PHITS page in OECD/NEA Data Bank

If you belong to an institute in a non-NEA Data Bank member country, or you are not sure whether your country participates in NEA Data Bank or not, please see this website

Update of PHITS (Latest version is PHITS3.02)

For upgrade from PHITS2.24 or 2.30
If you have PHITS2.24 or 2.30, please ask RSICC or OECD/NEA databank for the update to the latest version of PHITS.

For upgrade after PHITS2.52, please subscribe to the PHITS mailing list.

For future update, we will send the update information only via Email.
If you wish to keep PHITS updated, please register PHITS mailing list.
For registration, please go to "contact" page, and select "(Un) Subscription to mailing list".